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Microtrac introduces new size and shape particle analyser!

This brand new system will be exhibited at Analytica 2018 in Munich, April 10th -13th. The new Microtrac Sync will provide customers with more information about their particles than ever before. By integrating the world’s leading laser diffraction technology with the leading dynamic image analysis on the same bench with the same GUI, Microtrac’s Sync is synchronising size and shape measurement – one sample, one bench, one sample flow path, one sample cell, one analysis. Get your free tickets via the link below and visit booth 135 in hall A1!

Whether troubleshooting a particle size distribution or searching for more specific ways to characterise materials, this new instrument from Microtrac will increase customer’s productivity and enable them to explore and optimise the properties of their materials. “Until now, laser diffraction has provided industry with the most used and most reliable methodology for particle size” says Paul Cloake, President of Microtrac. “Users who wanted more information, like shape, needed to perform measurements on different technologies. The Microtrac Sync has changed that. The industry’s most reliable size measurement is now combined with the most sophisticated shape information in a single instrument.”

Microtrac’s Sync is the perfect system for a wide range of wet and dry applications including metal powders, ceramics, batteries, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cement, industrial minerals, glass beads, proppants, paints, coatings, toner, and additives among many others. Users who need to measure both wet and dry materials can easily do so thanks to Sync’s one-step smart disconnect / connect mechanism. Changing from wet to dry analysis mode requires no complicated wiring or tubing reconnection. Simply disengage one sample module and engage the other.

Whether your sample is wet or dry, big or small, regular or irregular — think Microtrac, think Sync.

Follow this link to get free entry to the Analytica 2018