We offer analytical equipment and services for laboratories and process industry in the Nordic countries of Europe. When you need advanced analyzers for powders, dispersions, surfaces, liquids and gases, Teamator is your supplier.

Our product range is a selection of leading analyzer brands, all of them highly specialized in their niched analyzer technology. They are used in a many different research and industry applications.

The business concept of Teamator AB is to provide the Nordic market with high quality, innovative and efficient equipment which will facilitate and improve the customers’ research, development and production operations.

We supply

  • Analyzing instruments for particle size and shape distributions, surface area, pore volume, study of emulsions and suspensions, as well as stability and shelf-life of dispersions. These may be applied both in the laboratory or online/inline.

  • Instruments and equipment for electrochemical research

  • Process liquid analysers - for on-line concentration or viscosity measurements.

  • Process gas analysers - for a wide range of gases and low level dewpoint measurements.

  • Samplers and accessories for use together with these analyzers, or independently .

Teamator AB was established 1983 and has since concentrated on equipment for research institutions and the process industry in the Nordic countries.

The Chemo-Invest group

Since 2008 Teamator is a part of the Chemo-Invest group, with 3 companies working closely together in the Nordic countries of Europe. The Chemo-Invest companies represent leading brands and manufacturers of specialty process machines and analyzing instruments with a high degree of customization:

Teamator AB – analyzing instruments laboratory and process industries - (this website)

Bergius Trading AB - machines for mixing, agitation, homogenizing, wet grinding, cell rupture, dispersion, liquid-solid separation and powder refining. - (http://www.bergius.se/)

Chemo-Invest AB – holding company and administration - (http://www.chemo-invest.se/)

Some facts about our companies

  • Distributors of specialty process machines and instruments, representing leading brands and manufacturers

  • Employees: 8 (total for all 3 companies)

  • Offices: Helsingborg, Stockholm, Knivsta, Helsinki (Finland)

  • Key markets: Chemical, petrochemical, food, pharmaceutical, plastic, mineral, and specialty metallurgy industries. As well as research institutions.

  • Qualified mechanical and chemical engineers and scientists.

  • High degree of customisation of products and services

Privacy policy

We process personal information in accordance with the GDPR requirements, for more information please read our privacy policy. It's currently only available in Swedish, but we will soon have a version in English.