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Volumetric Gas Adsorption Analysis


Volumetric and Dynamic gas Flow method  for characterization of  powder and porous materials by means of Gas Adsorption

This product line is manufactured by MicrotracBEL with headquarters in Osaka Japan. It comprises a full range analyzers covering a wide spectrum of applications regarding determination of specific surface area, pore size distribution and catalyst evaluation by physisorption and chemisorption.

By analyzing the adsorption isotherms it is possible to obtain the following material parameters in porous solids:

  1. Total BET area of the solid

  2. Total micro- and , external surface area

  3. Micro-, meso- and total pore volume.

  4. Micro- and mesopore size distribution

This product line contains the following dedicated analyzers:


Bel miniII is a compact, volumetric adsorption measurement instrument used for specific surface area and pore distribution measurement adsorption isotherm measurement of non-corrosive gas. Up to 3 samples can be measured simultaneously and independently with dedicated software making operation of the instrument straightforward and no need to control liquid nitrogen level due to the unique Advanced Free Space Measurement (AFSMTM) technique to compensate for dead volume in the sample tube.


BELSORP-maxII performs volumetric adsorption measurement for pore size distribution , vapor adsorption and specific surface area specially suitable for low surface area measurement using Kr Gas.

Main features of BELSORP-maxII:

  • The device allows you to conduct simultaneous measurement of up to 4 samples.

  • New advanced function “GDO (Gas Dosing Optimization)” is available.

  • It has a direct evacuating line and an intelligent valve control which educes the measurement time significantly.

  • Performs high precision vapor adsorption measurement under strict temperature control.

  • Designed to carry out high precision measurement by (AFSMTM)


A new fully-automated analyzer which enables comprehensive evaluation and characterization of solid catalyst by means of dynamic gas flow method an covers a variety of applications :

  • Pulse chemisorption which is suitable for metal support catalyst and selective chemisorption on metal surface.

  • Temperature programmed desorption (TPD).

  • Temperature programmed reduction (TPR).

  • Temperature programmed oxidation (TPO).

  • Temperature programmed reaction (TPReaction).

  • BET single point measurement