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Process And Laboratory Moisture Measurement


We provide expertise and instruments for measuring moisture in solids, with the patented microwave resonance method. This fast and reliable determination of moisture enables accurate measurement independent of surface structure, density, and color of the samples. The instruments are also very easy to handle, making them ideal for process or quality control, without the need of extensive training of users.

The analyzers are produced by TEWS Elektronik and are commonly used to measure content of many products and raw materials ranging from the Chemistry, Pharmacy, Food- and Feed Industry, Nature Products, Candy Industry to the Building Material Industry.

We offer a broad range of microwave sensors of different designs, sizes and sensitivities:

Tubular sensors – Tubular sensors are filled with the product to be measured. They are suitable for single moisture measurements of powders, granules, pellets etc. Samples of free flowing, non-adhesive products are simply poured through a hopper and, after analysis, released into a dish or similar container under the sensor. Samples of sticky or staining substances can be put into a beaker which is briefly placed in the sensor for measuring. Tubular sensors are used mainly for laboratory use or for making random sample measuring during production. They can be installed in a conveyor bypass, where they are automatically filled and emptied to produce a semi-automated online analysis. 

Planar sensors – Planar sensors can be installed at a suitable location along a conveyor belt or in a container, to measure the moisture of bulk material in process systems. The product to be analyzed moves in direct contact across the sensor. Stainless steel and high-strength ceramics are used so that the sensors are robust and durable.

Fork sensors – Fork sensors are made up of two semi-cylinders that generate the microwave field between them. A typical product sample to be measured will usually come in the shape of boards, foils, strips or fibers, which pass through the fork sensor. Samples can also be pulled continuously through the sensor, which makes fork sensors suitable for both laboratory and process system applications.

The sensors can be combined with different instruments:

MW 4300 / MW 4310
Large laboratory instruments for the sophisticated user, with the choice of a built-in 10.4“ (26,4 cm) color touch screen or without the built-in touch screen, for connecting to a PC-Monitor, Keyboard, and mouse. In both circumstances, the “TEWS Moisture View” software guarantees the simplest operation and an easily viewed results display.

MW 1150
The measuring system for routine measurements in the laboratory or At-line. Clear, easy to operate, and dependable when measuring. Using a connectable P1150 Printer the results can be printed directly and documented. With the “TEWS Moisture View Lite” software the MW 1150 can be easily calibrated using the PC.

MW 4200 / MW 4260 / MW 4270
Online measuring instruments for full real-time process control. With a built-in 10.4“ (26,4 cm) color touch screen, for complete on-site operation and results display in the MW 4270, or with a small 5“ (14,5 cm) screen to read the current measurement values and status display in the MW 4260.