Disposable samplers

We are now introducing a range of low-cost, GMP-correct, disposable samplers that allow statistically representative sampling from anywhere within the product.

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In-line sampling

Free-Glide SamplerAvoid jamming by using the “Free-Glide Sampler” in pipe line systems.
All sliding mechanical surfaces are separated from the product area by a flexible diaphragm. This also ensures that no lubricant can get in contact with the product.

The Free-Glide Sampler is available in different models to cover manual and fully automatic sampling, welded-in design or easily removable for cleaning or CIP, non-ex or ex-rated designs

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Manual sampling equipment

Manual samplingSAMPLING SYSTEMS Ltd has a broad range of Samplers. There are samplers for Free flowing powders, Non-flowing products and Liquids. If you could not find a suitable Sampler in our catalogue we can tailor make one to your specific requirement. Please contact us for more information or download the catalogue below.

Samplers catalogue
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Size standards

Standards BS

BS-Partikel manufactures and supplies particle reference products...

••• for nanometer or micrometer calibrations
of particle sizers or counters:
Particle Standards, Particle Size Standards

••• for validation of particle counting instruments:
Particle Count Standards, PharmaCount1510 and
ISO-MTD2.8 - Test Oil

••• to optimize measurement conditions

••• for experiments with spherical and
uniform particles:
Test Particles
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