AcoustoSizer IIs™

The AcoustoSizer IIs™

The new AcoustoSizer IIs provides thorough characterization of concentrated colloidal dispersions. Directly measuring particle size, zeta potential, pH, conductivity, and temperature, it furnishes the most comprehensive analysis available in a single, turnkey instrument.

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Foam analyzer

FoamscanThere are two types of foam-related criteria: people who want foam and those who don't! After years of working with customers on different problems, Teclis has developed a range of instruments to quantify foaming.

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LUM - Demixing Tester LUMiCheck

LUMiCheckThe Demixing Tester LUMiCheck® is a measuring instrument for the use in research, development and quality control laboratories. It is used for the fast stability analysis and particle characterization of dispersions, with respect to the comparison of samples of similar type. Up to 8 concentrated or diluted dispersions can, independent of each other, be measured in different sample cells. The instrument is operated using a touch screen.

Some benefits are:

  • A quick check of formulation stability – minimize of cassation
  • Menus in your local language – everyone can understand
  • Less price – it’s affordable

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LUM - Separation Analyser LUMiReader

LUMiReaderThe Separation Analyser LUMiReader® determines the demixing of suspensions and emulsions for a large range of particle sizes under original storage conditions, e.g. sedimentation, flocculation and clarification. The demixing process is accelerated using a patented measuring principle, without stressing the sample by additional mechanical forces.

Some benefits are:

  • Accelerated shelf life measurements under normal conditions – products quicker to market
  • Detailed information of particles and formulation stability without knowledge of material data – outstanding feedback to improve product quality
  • Immediate identification of large particles – identify badly homogenized dispersions.

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LUM - The All-in-One Dispersion Analyser LUMiSizer

Dispersion analyzerThe High-end Dispersion Analyser LUMiSizer® of L.U.M. GmbH is your complete dispersion lab, all in one instrument. The Analytical Centrifuge has been developed to speed up and accurately predict the stability and rheological behaviour of nano- and microscaled dispersions and simultaneously calculate the particle size distribution.

Some benefits are: 

  • Shorter formulation development – products quicker to market
  • Detailed information of particles and formulation stability without knowledge of material data – outstanding feedback to improve product quality
  • Quick QC check to identify product quality – minimize cassation

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LUMiReader X-Ray

Illuminating even the most concentrated emulsions & suspensions

  • In-situ analysis of transparent as well as opaque dispersions
  • No dilution of emulsions or suspensions
  • Detect concentration gradients within phases and sediment


Microtrac S3500 BlueWave / RedWave - Particle Size Analyzer

Wet and Dry Sample, Particle Size and Shape Analysis

From the pioneering work, with over 30 years of experience and more than 10 000 units sold worldwide, Microtrac is still the technical leader in Laser Diffraction/Static light scattering techniques. The tri-laser setup with no moving parts ensure the highest robustness available on the market and the tri-laser system has a broad particle size range (10nm—2000µm without any lens changes).

The BlueWave system is unique for its real blue lasers which provides the highest sensitivity and resolution available. Special calculations for non-spherical particles also ensures that both spherical and non-spherical particles are measured correctly.

A special feature is to complement laser diffraction with our unique Image Analysis module SIA. This will replace the need of a time consuming microscopy and  gives images and statistical information about the size and shape of all the particles. One single large

particle that might affect the stability or quality of the sample can now be found.

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Microtrac SIA - Size & Shape Analyzer

Two technologies - One instrument

SIA is a photo-optical image analyzing module for in-depth shape analysis of wet suspensions and slurries.  The module can be added to any Microtrac S3500 or Bluewave Particle Size Analysis system equipped for wet applications.  Alternatively, the unit may be bundled with a manually operated circulation pump (like the Microtrac USVR) as a stand alone image analysis system.

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Nanotrac Wave - Particle Size, Zeta Potential and Molecular Weight Analyzer

Dynamic Light Scattering for nano particle characterization

Microtrac has been a pioneer in particle sizing technology for over 35 years! In 1990 Microtrac released the Ultrafine Particle Analyzer incorporating the Controlled Reference Method of analysis of dynamic light scattering particle sizing. The Nanotrac Wave is the latest generation of dynamic light scattering sub-micron analyzers from Microtrac.

The core methodology of the Wave is Dynamic Light Scattering, however unlike mainstream Photon Correlation Spectroscopy [PCS], Microtrac utilizes a unique Controlled Reference Method.


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Stabino - Particle Charge Titrations

Fast and easy  method for formulation development. Zeta Potential-, Streaming Potential-, Particle Size, Conductivity-, pH-, Temperature- and Time- measurement simultaneously in tough colloidal systems.

The new instrument Stabino from Microtrac is the second generation of instruments that uses the oscillating Streaming Potential (SP) method for measuring particle charge.
The Formulation Chemist can within 5 minutes answer questions like; Which is the optimal pH for the mixture? Which is the optimal ion concentration? Does additive X or Y coat my particle most effectively? What volume of additive X do I need to avoid/induce agglomeration? Does my particles stay coated over time? Which formulation is stable? What is the total charge of the Colloid system? How does particle size/agglomeration change at different conditions?


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Tracker - drop tensiometer

TrackerThe Tracker™ is an automated drop tensiometer which can measure variations in surface tension, contact angle or interfacial tension over time.  The instrument are available in three different versions from manual to fully automatic with temperature and pressure control.  can also measure the contact angle of a liquid against a solid. Please read more here.

ZetaProbe Analyzer

zetaprobeThe ZetaProbe is the easiest to use, most accurate zeta potential analyzer available. Samples can be measured without dilution or sample preparation at concentrations up to 60% volume. Even the direct measurements of pastes, gels, cements, and other difficult materials are possible with the ZetaProbe.

Please check out at Youtube for a live presentation. 

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ZetaView - Nanoparticle Tracking Analyzer

For Particle Size, Zeta Potential and Concentration.ZetaView particle tracking

The ZetaView particle tracking analyzer measures every particles size and zeta-potential individually.

Recent improvements now allows 10nm particles to be measured.

The system is fully automated with auto-aligement and auto-focusing.


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