Applitek on-line monitoring

Applitek online analyzerAn extended range of on-line analyzers to suit your needs in water treatment, process streams, river monitoring and compliance. Not only the single analyzer, but a complete system can be offered to monitor water quality, air quality and industrial processes according to the customers need.

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In-line Brix-Monitor CM-780N

This refractometer is a compact in-line model which can be incorporated in piping of manufacturing plants, or a liquid mixing apparatus, or a washing apparatus to continuously measure concentration ( Sugar content: Brix ).

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In-line Refractometer PRM-100α

PRM100The PRM-100α is an ultimate In-line Refractometer with ATAGO's updated cutting-edge technology.

This in-line model can be incorporated in piping of manufacturing plants, liquid mixing devices, and washing apparatuses to continuously measure the concentration of various liquids.

It is suitable for use in the control of mixing, concentration, fermentation, and control of the concentration of water-based or alkali-based detergent, etc.

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Process Viscometers

For on-line viscosity measurement and control, Brookfield viscometers provide accurate and repeatable data, which correlates to laboratory tests if necessary.

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True TOC as a measure of Organic Load

Quantification of organic loads in water bodies or process waters.

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VibrioTox broad band analyser

VibrioToxVibrioTox Broadband Toxicity - A real early warning system for toxic compounds in water.

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