Gas Analysers

We supply a comprehensive range of gas analysers from Hitech Instruments. These include single and multi-gas analysers, along with portable analysers and gas sample conditioning systems.

Our standard range includes gas analysers and sensors for all common gases including oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and argon. In addition, we supply four (and multi) gas analyzers for more specialist detection and monitoring applications such as hydrogen in chlorine, dissociated ammonia, sulphur hexafluoride, turbogenerator purge gas, packaging atmospheres, including MAP, and combustion monitoring including air-fuel pre-mixed.

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Intrinsically Safe Dewpoint Hygrometer

The new SADPminiEx Hygrometer combines the proven reliability and excellence of ultra-high capacitance aluminium oxide dewpoint sensor with state of the art electronics in an ultra portable, compact and lightweight instrument that sets the industry standard in Portable Dew Point Measurement

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On-line dewpoint hygrometer

Model DS1200 from Alpha Moisture Systems is a single channel on-line hygrometer designed to measure dewpoint in process gases and dry compressed air. The panel mounted dewpoint meter, providing panel protection to IP65 (NEMA4X), combines with the Model AMT range of ultra high capacitance sensors for accurate trace moisture measurement.

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