Bergius Trading AB

Bergius offers expertise and machines for mixing, agitation, homogenizing, wet grinding, cell rupture, dispersion, liquid-solid separation and powder refining. The process result of machines from Bergius can be measured with analysers from Teamator.



CORAControl of powders and granules flow in pharmaceutical process.

CO.RA Srl has years of experience in the planning, construction of components and antiseptic systems for the chemical-pharmaceutical sector.
CO.RA team are builders of valves of interception, of dosing and of regulation fluxes leader in the world in the realization of fittings SOLID HANDLING.

Howorth Pharma

Howorth Pharma logoHoworth Pharma offers a totally comprehensive powder containment service with its range of Glovebox Isolators and Containment Booths. Main products are:
  • Downflow Booths
  • Glovebox Isolators
  • Kilo Lab Enclosures
  • Pack-Off Booths

 Read more at Howorth Pharma.


Microfluidics_logoPioneered the Microfluidizer® high pressure fluids processor which produces uniformly-sized nanoparticles.


Since September 2008, Microfluidics is represented by our partner Bergius, http://www.bergius.se .


Pharmatechlogo Pharmatech are specialists in powder blending and powder processing for the pharmaceutical and allied industries. Products are:
  • Blenders
  • Containers
  • Lifting Columns
  • Tippers
  • Accessories


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