Chemo-Invest is representing leading brands and manufacturers of specialty process machines and analysing instruments with a high degree of customisation. We sell a solution, not only a machine or instrument!

We are based in Sweden, but for some products operate in several Nordic countries.

Our business is divided between these subsidiaries:

Chemo-Invest Specialpumpar AB - pumps for demanding liquids or applications - (http://www.chemo-invest.se//)

Bergius Trading AB - machines for mixing, agitation, homogenizing, wet grinding, cell rupture, dispersion, liquid-solid separation and powder refining. The process result of machines from Bergius can be measured with analysers from Teamator. - (http://www.bergius.se/)

Teamator AB - analysing instruments for process and laboratory - (this website)

Some facts about our companies:

- Distributor of specialty process machines and instruments, representing leading brands and manufacturers
- The Chemo-Invest group in total sells about 9 M Euro worth of products and services each year
- Employees: 15
- Offices: Helsingborg, Stenungsund, Stockholm, Norrköping
- Key markets: Chemical, petrochemical, food, pharmaceutical, plastic, mineral, and specialty metallurgy industry
- Qualified mechanical and chemical engineers.
- High degree of customisation of products and services.

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